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Joyfully Design is a small US-based business operated by Elise. She works with small businesses, stealth startups, and non-profit organizations 501(c)(3)s to enhance their digital presence. She empowers organizations with necessary tools to serve their markets and stakeholders.

Last but not least, she sees to it that she serves as a human component with a laser-like flair to prove that the technical fast lane can surely designate better, breatheable, and excellent user-experiences.

Reach out to discuss how we can create joyful work together.



bridging cultural arts, dance communities, and organizations that promote their creative art form and community in the virtual space.

Photo courtesy of: Eric Beugnot

creative and technical


superpower 1

web design● development

Initiate this for your organization’s desire to build end-to-end websites with WordPress, WiX, or SquareSpace. Or, find that “Aha!” domain name.

superpower 2

digital marketing

Initiate this for effective landing pages, modern technical widgets your organization could use, SEO specialty work, or thorough website audits.

superpower 3
bridge intent

colour theory●typography

Initiate this if your organization could use a brand refresh, or start from a blank canvas in order to define a style guide, colour palette, custom icons and type setting.

food for thought

articles●case studies

Publications due June 2021.

food for thought


Joyfully Design exchanges with diverse mission-driven businesses for their particular digital web service needs.

Pricing is value-based since our organization’s main focus is to enhance your organization’s digital presence.


  • Professionals
  • Artists
  • Small-businesses
  • Legacy businesses
  • Non-profit 501(c)(3)s 
  • NFPs
  • Angel through Series B startups


Joyfully Design works directly with your team lead to target and assure alignment with budget and expected quality. Reach out today to discuss particular solutions.

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